Fish Farming is Cruel

Lots of attention is given to the cruelty and suffering endured by land animals that are factory farmed, but most people overlook the fact that fish are farmed as well. They endure pain and suffering, too.

Fish that are commercially fished usually die by being left to suffocate on the decks of ships, a process that can take several hours.

Farmed fish endure months of suffering before their slaughter. During their lives, they face many of the same issues as factory-farmed land animals. They are housed in overcrowd tanks, riddled with disease and force fed to grow to abnormally large sizes too quickly, which creates a myriad of other problems. Overcrowding can lead to fish living in filthy water, experiencing increased stress, injury, and aggression rates, and becoming vastly more susceptible to disease.

Sadly, fish farming is one of the fastest growing sectors of the food industry. Research has proven that fish do indeed feel and experience pain. They are raised and killed on a more massive scale than any other animal.

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