Finding Positives Through Life in COVID-19

It’s easy to lament our losses after the way COVID-19 has kicked our asses this year, but thinking optimistically means finding and focusing on the positive aspects – even through dark days. Hockey is actually better for me since the pandemic.

Although I’m skating at different rinks, with different players, on different days and at different times, I’ve made a wealth of new friends, the play is at a higher level, the skates are longer, all taking place on NHL-size ice; and the new schedule enables me to be at my best each time I hit the ice.

Off the ice, not being in a gym has inspired me to learn new exercises and get creative with body weight and dumbbell exercises. While the coronavirus is outside of my control, I choose to think positively and focus on how things are actually better during this challenging period. What positives are happening in your life since COVID-19?

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