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It’s not always when you do the right thing, but just that you do. The NHL was the last of the Big 4 sports to cancel games (or practice) in response to the unnecessary shooting of Jacob Blake by police. Shot seven times in the back, the shooting was only the latest incidence of police violence and brutality carried out against Black Americans. Initially criticized for playing games on Wednesday, the same day that the NBA and MLB canceled games and the NFL canceled practices, the NHL finally did the right thing on Thursday.

Before postponing two days of NHL playoff games, someone messaged me to ask, “Is this a problem in Canada? I think in some respects, this may not even be news up there.” It was disheartening to receive that message and it demonstrated that the only way to reach some people to convey the severity and urgency of this human rights and human equality crisis plaguing the entire world is to cancel/postpone everything.

I’ve posted a couple times recently how grateful I am to have live sports back and as a hockey player, I watch hockey on television more than any other sport. But there are things more important than hockey games. Equal rights, equal treatment and equal opportunities for Black Americans are some of those things.

And in case you need another reminder of how to vote, here is where the office of the current Vice President and one of the President’s most trusted advisors stand on the issue.

Hockey Diversity Alliance

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