End Horse Abuse for Good

It’s been one week since the Tokyo Olympic Games ended yet most people haven’t heard about the tragic death of one of the Olympic athletes. But unlike most of the competitors, this athlete never aspired to be an Olympian, never signed up for training, and definitely never agreed to be whipped or beaten. Such is the plight of Jet Set and the other horses forced to complete in equestrian events at the Tokyo Olympics.

Jet Set had to be euthanized after suffering a leg injury during the Games. Another horse, Kilkenny, was withdrawn after suffering a bloody nose while competing. Other horses were shown being whipped and punched when they refused to compete. The world’s cameras captured videos and images of frightened animals who clearly conveyed the message that they were there against their will and that they did not want to participate.

I periodically post about the horrors of horse racing yet I’ve refrained from posting about equestrian events because I have a few friends who own horses and utilize them as such. But it’s wrong. It’s cruel. It’s inhumane. Animal deaths, injuries and abuse should never be condoned as sport let alone an Olympic sport.

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