Earth Day and You

It’s not just social justice and policing that are in need of radical systemic change. For the sake of Earth, the way we eat, use our land and water resources, and emit greenhouse gases must change in order for the planet to survive.

For Earth Day, we encourage you to do some research on how much land and water we use to breed animals to eat (80% of all land devoted to agriculture in the US alone). Compare that to the amount of carbon emissions that could be saved by eating a plant-based diet (reduces carbon emissions by 45% and land use by 55%), which is an environmentally and ecologically sustainable diet. Frankly, raising billions of animals per year for food is one of the leading causes of global warming.

58% of greenhouse gases are produced by factory farming, which is more than the amount of greenhouse gases produced by all the transportation systems in the world.

Animal agriculture is also the leading cause of pollution, deforestation and wildlife habitat loss. Half the species on Earth may be extinct by 2100.

Watch documentaries like “Cowspiracy” and “Seaspiracy” on Netflix to educate yourself about how much damage we do to our land and sea ecosystems in order to eat animals, dairy, fish and sea creatures.

Single-use plastics are creating major problems on land and sea, and we are in urgent need of practical solutions.

While it’s nice to see so many people posting about Earth Day, we need less talk and more action – from everyone – in order to save the planet from the climate emergency of our own creation. And the best action you can take is what you put (and don’t put) on your plate.

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