Dolphin Defender Month

I’ve dreaded the arrival of September ever since I found out what goes on in the cove via the Academy Award-winning documentary (“The Cove”) over a decade ago. For six months beginning September 1, nine different species of dolphins and whales are legally allowed to be chased, harassed, slaughtered or taken captive, which decimates family pods, orphans juveniles and condones abhorrent cruelty to sentient mammals.

Although these horrors take place in Taiji, Japan, the first Dolphin Defender Month, which began September 1, enables everyone from all parts of the globe to stand up for these magnificent creatures. Ways to get involved this month include joining an event at the Japanese consulate or embassy; demonstrate at a local marine park; fundraise by participating in a virtual race; and raise awareness about these brutal, cruel and inhumane practices. Visit the Dolphin Project site for more info.

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