Dietary Racism with Dr. Milton Mills

While being interviewed for a podcast today (more on that soon), I brought up dietary racism. Although my friend Dr. Milton Mills is far more adept at speaking on the subject, allow me to introduce the basic concepts.

The government is well aware that approximately 75% of Black Americans are lactose intolerant or have a dairy allergy yet the government subsidizes food assistance to people of color with food that makes them sick. The percentage of dairy intolerance may be as high as 95% when it comes to Asian, Latin, and Indigenous people.

Ever notice how many fast food restaurants are in Black and Latin neighborhoods versus white neighborhoods? Or how hard it is to find fresh vegetables and fruit as well as other healthy foods in Black and Latin neighborhoods? People of color are living in food deserts, which is another form of dietary racism.

Many people tell me that eating vegan needs to be more affordable. Price gouging is a third form of dietary racism. Fruit, vegetables, beans, nuts, rice and legumes are not and should not be expensive items to purchase in any neighborhood. Buying fresh, healthy foods is far cheaper than paying for prescription drugs and medical care for people who get heart disease, cancer and diabetes or become obese from the foods they eat.

Fighting racism also involves fighting for the food that is available to everyone equally.

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