Dad, Musician, “Plant Curious”

I don’t get to skate with Joe as often as I’d like even though he does make it out a few times a week, which is pretty impressive for this stay-at-home dad. In addition to raising two kids with his wife, Joe works from his home studio as a recording engineer. He indulges his own creative muse as a singer-songwriter and occasionally plays live gigs in an alt-rock band. Talk about balanced living.

Joe has been “plant curious” even before going with me to the “Game Changers” premiere. He enjoys eating at one of my favorite vegan restaurants (Sage) as much as I do, and now that things are open and we are both vaxed, I look forward to sharing our next plant-based meal there.

Happy Father’s Day, Brother.

*Joe Kay pursues greatness wearing MatchaWear

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