Building a Support System: Mental Health Awareness Month

This is what a leader looks like. After I put UCLA Hockey through a pre-skate warmup & stretch, co-captain Billy Zegras pulled me aside, wanting to talk about mental health. Billy and a couple other team leaders are representatives of Movember, which focuses on men’s health issues, including mental health and suicide prevention. Billy will be addressing the team to openly discuss mental health and the help that is available for these student athletes.

Heading into next season, Billy is passionate about establishing a culture within the team where players check in with each other, listen to and support one another through the challenges, pressures and stresses they face in their scholastic, athletic, social and familial lives.

“I want us as a team to be each other’s best friends so that players know that they have someone to turn to for help, that they’re not alone, that they always have someone there to listen and care,” said the junior from New York.

I’m super proud of Billy and Vibrant Energy is going to do everything we can to support him and the team in all areas of health – physical, mental and emotional.

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