45 Years Later

This photo was taken January 14, 1976, exactly 45 years ago at Tarken Ice Rink in Philly. I was 11. My passion has not waned. Thankfully, I’m still doing what I love. Every day. I’m very much aware that it’s a blessing, that most people my age (or any age) are not able to live, compete or perform at this level.

This is also the result of hard work, commitment, discipline, sacrifice and focus. It’s training hard – on and off the ice. It’s lifting to stay strong and get stronger. It’s stretching twice a day. It’s foam rolling, icing and soaking in Epsom salts baths religiously. It’s ignoring fatigue and pushing through pain yet knowing when to listen to the body. It’s prioritizing rest and recovery. It’s staying hydrated with plenty of water. It’s fueling my body with nutritious plant-based food.

I’m weeks away from being 56 and yet I’m out skating and outlasting the elite teens and 20-somethings I compete with daily. 45 years later, I’m not slowing down. I’ve always been heart and hustle and I’m learning, growing and getting better. Every day.

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