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It nourishes body, mind and soul. It’s power, passion and purpose. It’s inspiration and enthusiasm. It’s devotion and dedication. It’s a life affirming and life-altering lifestyle. It’s an attitude and a state of mind. It’s health and wellness. It’s empowering and motivating. It’s knowledge and information. It’s dynamic and invigorating. It’s strength, intensity and endurance. It’s how to eat and thrive. It’s renewal and rejuvenation. It’s heart and soul. It’s tenacity and grit. It’s an uplifting affirmation. It’s meditation and mindfulness. It’s ageless youth. It’s balance and stability. It’s love and gratitude. It’s compassion, care and change. It’s giving and serving. It’s striving for greatness, overcoming challenges and never, ever giving up.

It’s living life vibrantly.

vibrantNRG is you… a vibrant you.

An athlete friend used to call me a freak and I like it. I’m Rick Scott and 40 years ago, I committed to being an athlete. To me, there is a huge difference between those who play sports recreationally and those who make it a part of their lifestyle. The difference comes not only in mindset, but sacrifice and commitment. It’s how you train, how you eat and how you recover. If the intensity in which I train, eat and recover makes me a freak, I’ll wear it proudly.

Like many who start careers with low-paying work, I didn’t have a big food budget upon college graduation. I had been a hockey player who became an endurance athlete (cyclist) and thus was living on pasta and vegetables, which was cheap. Without much effort, I had become vegetarian.

In an effort to live more peacefully, 25 years ago, I added meditation to the mix, which fosters calmness, improves focus, manages stress and helps balance the day. Part of living peacefully and calmly comes from what we eat.

Five years ago, I learned the evils of factory farming and it became my light switch moment to veganism. Although I had stopped eating animals 25 years prior, instantly I ditched dairy and eggs. While I was vegetarian in large part for health reasons, I went vegan for the animals (compassion). It’s an added bonus that a plant-based diet is significantly healthier and better for our planet as well as athletic performance. I made the switch for good around the time that I converted back into being a hockey player and turned 50.

Last year, I began writing a column as the #veganhockeyplayer to address issues and present the facts to vegan athletes as well as anyone eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet. It led me to start doing speaking engagements and get involved with some animal activism.

As an athlete, I’ve always been a leader. It’s not that I’m the most gifted athlete, but my energy, passion, enthusiasm, work ethic and dedication seems to inspire others.

One such person who was inspired by my social media content is my partner in Vibrant Energy, John Lenac. We knew each other “lifetimes ago” from our work in music and media, but hadn’t been in touch for more than a decade. A couple years ago, John was tired of how he looked and felt. Despite being married to a vegan, he wasn’t eating plant based. He was heavy and out of shape. But something motivated him to change his life. He started working out seven days a week and eating healthier. A year later, he was 50 pounders lighter and he began reading my social media posts. The fire grew. John dropped another ten pounds and got into the best shape of his life.

Late last summer, John called out of the blue to tell me that part of his lifestyle change had been inspired by my posts. He wanted other people to experience similar inspiration and results. Heck, he even committed to eating plant based much to his wife’s delight.

As John and I reconnected, we learned that our core values and goals were similarly aligned. We decided to merge our passions, talents and experiences to create a powerful and purposeful platform designed to uplift, enlighten, empower and inspire change – change that will enhance the quality of life, save human and animal lives and help save the planet. Welcome to vibrantNRG!