Our passion is providing holistic marketing services to  amplify plant-based brands, purpose-driven nonprofits, and compassionate athletes and entertainers who empower, educate and inspire change that benefits people, animals and our planet.

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“Vibrant Energy is all in on being a full-service marketing boutique for plant-based brands and talent.”

But that’s not exactly how we began. In September 2019, promotions and business development specialist John Lenac, who I knew via several music industry encounters a decade prior, called me unexpectedly to say that part of his recent lifestyle change had been inspired by my social media posts about plant-based nutrition, fitness, and health and wellness. John wanted other people to experience similar inspiration and results. Learning that our core values and goals were similarly aligned, we decided to merge our passions, talents and creativity to create Vibrant Energy as a platform to educate, inspire and empower people to live healthy, vibrant lives. 

Our initial focus was to populate the Vibrant Energy website and social media with content that promoted adopting a plant-based diet, encouraged daily exercise and fitness programs, stressed peaceful and balanced living through a meditation practice, and advocated kindness, compassion and consciousness for the voiceless – the animals with whom we share this planet and the planet itself. We did that, and then other opportunities to do good presented themselves. 

Allow me to share a little about my background. After 25 years as a vegetarian for health and athletic performance reasons, I finally went vegan for the animals in 2015. Having been a brand loyalist whenever I entered the supermarket or drugstore, a whole new world opened when I began shopping for plant-based alternatives – from food to daily hygiene products, from household cleaners to belts, wallets, sneakers and shoes. It was exciting (and overwhelming!) to see all the new plant-based brands filling store shelves, but I didn’t know which brands to buy let alone which ones had a good reputation and were trustworthy. Not only had I not heard of most of the brands, but I had also never seen any of them on social media, or at sporting or entertainment events. That’s when it occurred to me: I should use my passion for plant-based living and my decades of experience in public relations and marketing to introduce consumers to the myriad of new plant-based products. I had that desire for four years but did not act on it…until partnering with John.

In early 2021, social media specialist Chip Schutzman joined us at Vibrant Energy to bolster our scope of marketing services and we began to enroll clients. The site is still populated with an abundance of informational health and wellness content, especially when it comes to plant-based nutrition and fitness, but we’ve shifted our focus to my realization from a handful of years ago. Vibrant Energy is all in on being a full-service marketing boutique for plant-based brands and talent: brands, athletes and entertainers that choose kindness and compassion, and that leave a gentle footprint upon Mother Earth. How can we serve you? 


December 2021