The Kentucky Derby Is Just Abuse and Murder

On Kentucky Derby day, I sat on my hands instead of writing another anti-horse racing rant. Now that it’s been brought to light that “famed” (notorious) horse trainer, Bob Baffert, who “trained” the winning horse, Medina Spirit, that failed a post-race doping test because of an illegal amount of steroids, I’m not staying silent about the “sport” based on abusing and doping animals.

To make matters worse, Baffert, who has a lengthy history of training horses that failed drug tests, including FIVE in the last year alone, is playing the victim, adding insult to the horses he has injured and killed.

“I don’t know what’s going on in racing right now, but there’s something not right. I don’t feel embarrassed. I feel like I was wronged,” said Baffert.

YOU were wronged, Mr. Baffert? Not the horses you have repeatedly given performance enhancing substances throughout your lengthy career that is littered with track bans and suspensions? Not the fans who pay and bet big money on a fake “sport” that isn’t any more real than wrestling, let alone a “sport” that abuses free-willed animals who do not volunteer to train, race, be whipped and be given PEDs by the humans they have come to trust?

“Why is it happening to me? You know, there’s problems in racing, but it’s not Bob Baffert.”

This is happening to you because of your decades of animal abuse and illegal doping. It’s called karma, Sir, and YOU are one of the problems.

“I’m worried about our sport,” Baffert said. “Our sport, we’ve taken a lot of hits as a sport.”

Because doping animals and forcing them to train and race until their fragile legs snap or their heart explodes is not a sport. It is abuse and murder. At least one horse dies every day at a race track in the US. Shut it down. Ban horse racing.

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